Andrew Beers - Gameplay Programmer

Second Dinner


Second Dinner is a small action game written as part of a job application to Second Dinner the game studio.

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Development Process


I wanted to add a little extra to my job application to Second Dinner, so I wanted to make a game just for them. I would have made a game like their other games but they don't have any released games yet so I went with the theme of their mascot and company name. I used their mascot to eat different meals of the day and finish with going to Second Dinner studios.


I wanted a fun, fast, and funny game just to show some flavor and try to put it in the same flavor of the company

I started with creating a single 'meal' level where food flies at random heights and distances, but Fud(the player) can only catch certain food for it to count.

After getting the main logic working, there was some tweaking to add new levels and make bad food have a bad effect on the character (slows them down).

I created a final level where based on how much food was eaten on the first 3 meals is your initial score, but since you are supposed to save room for Second Dinner, each food you collect in the final level subtracts from the initial food eaten, and slows you down a lot.

After this I added some art work and small animations to the main character, food and background

Lastly for some flavor, I added some fun sound effects (of my own recording) and some Marvel themed background music (since Second Dinner is working on a Marvel themed game)

In all, this project took 48 hours to complete.


I tried to keep the color theme the same as the Second Dinner website.

I used Fud, the mascot of Second Dinner, as the main character.

Added some sound effects and images related to Ben Brode (cofounder of Second Dinner and previous game director of Hearthstone, a game I loved to play).