Andrew Beers - Gameplay Programmer

Missile Command


A copy of the Atari Classic written in Godot

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Development Process


For my first game jam I just wanted to finish something, so I picked a classic I always loved and started hacking.


I first went through the DodgeTheCreeps tutorial for Godot, and quickly turned that knowledge into a very basic version of missile command (1 gun, missiles without trails, see how long you can survive)

After I had the main idea, I added some more features including more cannons, cities and the concept of a level.

After I had levels, I looked up the proper scoring, fixed the missiles to have trails, and created a homescreen.

Next, I connected levels together by creating a datatype to store all relevent level info (how many missiles, how fast, etc).

I think did a lot of polish, creating planes, smart bombs, adding the scoring sounds and UI after each level, and everything to have as close to a clone as I could

I finished by adding a game over screen, along with allowing the user to get a city back after 10k points

In all, this project took 10 days to complete.


I wanted to copy the existing design as much as I could so I used some pixel text, 8 bit sound effects, and copied UI placement.