Andrew Beers - Gameplay Programmer



I am a gameplay programmer with one released mobile game built with Unity. I have 5 years of professional coding experience with C# and web development.



Link: Portfolio Page

What I Did: Built and shipped a game on a one person team based on a web game I played in the past. Programmed all gameplay, created all of the art assets, sound effects, designed new gameplay features, designed and created a REST API in C# for a shared leaderboard hosted on AWS, created and managed an instagram profile for marketing, worked with users to gather and implement feedback.

Studio: bubblgames (self-employed owner)

Platforms: iOS / Android / Web

Team size: Just Me

Project length: 3 months of active development, 2 years of maintenance & support

Engine and tools: Unity, AWS, C#, Affinity Designer, iMovie, Logic Pro

Dates: April 2019 - Present

Second Dinner

Link: Portfolio Page

Code: GitHub

What I Did: Designed, programmed a full game in 48 hours including some original art and sound effects.

Platforms: Web

Team size: Just Me

Project length: 48 hours

Engine and tools: Unity, C#, Affinity Designer, Audacity, Aseprite

Dates: October 6, 2021 - October 8, 2021

Missile Command

Link: Portfolio Page

What I Did: Programmed, delivered a full Missile Command clone as a part of a Game Jam

Platforms: Web

Team size: Just Me

Project length: 10 days

Engine and tools: Godot, Affinity Designer, Bfxr, Aseprite

Dates: Sepetember 8, 2021 - September 18, 2021